Upgrade to slice-machine-ui v.1.0 lost all slice data


I have just upgrade to slice-machine-ui to v.1.0 and it seems that after I had push my content type to prismic, I lost all slice data...


I wonder if there is a conflict between legacy builder content type json and slice machine json.

Please help me recover my data ! :pray:

Ok I manage to fix this by myself.. turns out that the json key for the «slices» object was changed from «body» to «slices» and this was causing the slice data not apply to content type slices pages.

I wonder what cause this and how I can avoid this if want to upgrade to slice-machine v1.5.
Can you help me to understand what cause this bug ?

This was very frightening :sweat_smile:

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Thanks for sharing your solution @poisson.miel!

@Pau do you have an idea what cause this and how I can prevent this to happen again ? I would like to migrate slice-machine v1.5.1 but I am afraid that this could happen again.

Its difficult to pinpoint the exact cause. The best option is always to keep Slice Machine's version up to date. This ensures that you benefit from any bug fixes and enhancements that have been released.

Overall, also staying engaged with the Prismic community are good practices to help prevent and mitigate potential issues.

Ok, I manage to upgrade slice-machine to v1.6 without data loss. It was not easy an easy process tough, I would have nice to have an upgrade guide.