Documents missing slices and data after upgrading to Slice Machine 1.5.2 from 0.0.46

I've been upgrading a Prismic project from Slicemachine. I have not pushed any of my changes to the Prismic repository, but now the Prismic API is missing document data, some that hasn't been touched in over 2 years. What can I do?

Here's what I know:

  • When I query [at(document.type, "page")], all of my documents of type "page" are missing their data. Documents of type blogpost or homepage are fine.
    "id": "YQvZUBIAAB8AZ-CN",
    "uid": "loesungen",
    "url": null,
    "type": "page",
    "data": { // This should not be empty
      "title": [ ], 
      "slices": [ ]
  • After migrating, slice machine shows all my custom types have been deleted and these changes need to be pushed to the repository. Since I do not want this types to be deleted, I have not pushed any changes to the repository

  • These documents of type page reflect their missing content in the prismic cms and in the production website - yet show no changes have been made or published in a very long time

  • A week ago I noticed that the slice data was missing in the cms, but not in the API or in the production website. I guess it was cached? Unfortunately, we do not have a backup of the website.

What can I do? How could this have happened?

Grateful for any help here. Thank you :pray:

Did you start with the legacy builder and then transitioned to Slice Machine? At the moment, there is no official approach for directly migrating from the legacy builder to Slice Machine. If you followed this path, it's plausible that the migration process resulted in some disruptive errors, which might have led to the removal of the JSON definition and document data loss.