Lost database when upgraded to slice-machine 1.0

i lost my database when i upgrade to latest version of slice-machine.
I tried to revert back to v 0.71 i got back my content-type but the data is gone.
Is there any way to restore it ?
i'm on next13-3

Hello @loudmu

Thanks for posting this to us.

What do you mean by database? Did you lose Content in the Prismic legacy builder after upgrading? Can you share some screenshots, if possible?


Hello Priyanka,
yes i mean all the content, in my repo, the media library is intact.
I was using slice-machine 0.71 with next13.3
After the upgrade slice-machine asked do you want to update all content-type and slices once I clicked yes all the content-types and slices was marked for deletion. I naively thought it was part of the processes.once i clicked yes again :fire: :bomb:boum everything was gone.
Is there any way to get the lost data???
my remark...
you should in slice-machine add a big warning when deletion of content-type occurs that all the data associated will be lost.
And also implement an safety procedure in case things go wrong.
Customer should be able to update the code base without losing their data
thank you and have i nice day

Hello @loudmu

I am following up with the dedicated team and discussing this with them. I have no update, but I will update you soon.

I apologies for the inconvenience.


thank you for your prompt answer,
Can you have access to my repos?

I believe I don't need access to your repo.

I understand the frustration of losing your database during the upgrade to the latest version of Slice Machine. Unfortunately, reverting back to a previous version may not automatically restore the lost data. In such cases, it's important to check if you have any backups of your database that can be restored to recover the lost data.