Error: An invalid API response was returned

I cannot build and I have even seen fatal production errors since about 11:30 am in France (10:30 am UTC). The local build will fail on different document types. Is the site down?


We are seeing an increased error rate with the Public Content API. We are investigating the issue.


Having issues on my sites as well right now.

Having the same problem, are all updates about it going to be reported in the status page?

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Yes that's correct we'll update you there and here


I assume the Prismic Status account on Xitter is no longer in use?

It might be good to close that account. Otherwise people might believe "Everything is fine now!" since 2018 :smiley:

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Ah wow. OK, I didn't even know it existed. For everyone in that case the status page is the best place:

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I am seeing the same error. I thought I changed something in my code but then realised Prismic is experiencing issues

The team is investigating to see if the issue is on our side or with one of our providers such as Amazon AWS

On the only thing marked red is the "Public Website". Shouldn't "Content Query API" also be red?


That's very true I'll inform the team.

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Our public website is completely dysfunctional as things are right now. Are there any known workarounds while you solve this?

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If your website is deployed with a service like netlify or vercel, you should be able to revert to an older build.

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Just an FYI on this, now all lights are green (on the page).

Unfortunately that doesn't mean things are working.

The status page uses pingdom and all it does is show that the server is respoding. But the Content API is responding with 500's. So green doesn't always mean good :frowning:

Our site is still down, is there any actions we can take on our side to restore service faster?

Exactly my point :slight_smile: (site shows green but issues are still ongoing).

Gotcha :wink:

We're in contact with AWS to resolve this, still in progress. Thank you for your patience.


So it's still an issue and it is entirely on your side? I started to develop from scratch since I couldn't find any problem within my code. Can you help me understand why it still works on staging and localhost refuses to work? I'm getting this for each API call: Error: An invalid API response was returned.

This is a big issue. It literally caused me a full day of working on the site...