Error and No screenshot in slice creation. Can not push to prismic(400)

I am using prismic with nuxt. Following this tutorial:

With prismic sm --create-slice I created a slice.
Added the storybook: prismic sm --add-storybook
ran prismic sm --develop in another terminal

I am perfectly able to see and modify my storybook.
But, in the slices, at localhost:9999: My slice has a tag 'error'. It false When I try to take the snapshot or Push to Prismic.
I get Bad Request 400: Screenshot not found. Please check that file exists in slice folder or in .slicemachine assets"
.slicemachime/assets/ do not have the preview. And Similarly, it is not able to push to prismic(because no screen captured).

I also get an error while running slice machine: start-slicemachine --port 9999
An error occured while migrating file system. Continuing...Full error: SyntaxError: Unexpected token export[slice-machine] Launching server

It launches and I can do changes, but can not see the snapshot or push to prismic.

PS: I haven't changed anything in the slice. It is as it is.
I have checked this with

Hi Devyani,

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Can you try running prismic logout in your terminal and then prismic login, make sure The Slice Builder + Storybook are running at the same time and try to push your Slice again?

If that doesn't work checkout our troubleshooting:


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