Error: Element type is invalid: expected a string

Is there an easy way to determine where this error is coming from?

Hello, sorry that you're getting this error. I'm not sure where this might be coming from for you, so you'll need to provide more information or access to your codebase so that we can help troubleshoot.

Crossed into following problem as well, when updating either @prismicio/next or next library into latest versions. My issue came with "PrismicNextImage" component.

Trying to dig in more deeply and find what causes the problem.

EDIT. Updated @prismicio/next into latest version (1.3.4) and using 13.4.12 for Next.js version. Updating Next.js into newer version causes problems for generating slugs with getStaticPaths.

@aarnipavlidi Thanks for this update.

@v11 Can you try this same thing to see if it's the cause of your issue as well?