Error: Unexpected status code [400] after accidentally disabling, then recreating custom type

I have a copenhagen-page custom type amongst many others, but accidentally disabled it and then remade it. Unfortunately now I am getting the error Unexpected status code [400] which leads to this error:

{"type":"Link resolver error","message":"[Link resolver error] Unknown type\nDeclared type: copenhagen-page\nExpected one of:\n- navigation-menu\n- step\n- home-page\n- paris-page\n- page\n- banner\n- logo-cloud\n- app\n- pricing-tier\n- london-page\n- usp\n- berlin-page\n- usp-list\n- munich-page\n- testimonial"}

which shows a list of all my other custom types. Why is it not finding my copenhagen-page custom type anymore? My repository can be found here:

Hi @amos,

Have you published a document of the type copenhagen-page? If not, try publishing one, and see if that helps. If it doesn't help, let me know, and I'll take a closer look.


It seems to have fixed itself over night!

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Great! Let me know if the issue crops up again.