Error with prismic and nuxt types

My nuxt app with prismic was working fine several days ago but after the update, it seems to be broken. No error on the console but in the IDE, tons of errors now. even when you create a new prismic app with nuxt using the starter templates, i am getting same trouble.


It seems someone reported this issue directly on the GitHub for this SDK.

This will be the best place get updates for the problem.

I'll ping the creator @lihbr so they know what's going on :slight_smile:

that didn't fix the issue still for me. I follow the suggested step from github but nothing happened.

Hi Team,

It seems this issue started from upgrading to the latest Nuxt, right? Can you try reverting to the previous version you were on to see if that helps?


Hi Phil. I tried using the template for nuxt which has a 3.8.0 nuxt verion and i am getting the same error for types.

Hey @kgonzales1193 ,

You've received a reply to the issue on Github: