Fetching multiple api with next.js getStaticProps hook

Hello, everyone

I'm struggling to think a way to fetch multiple api with useGetStaticProps method.

My use case I use slicemachine to render content which is set in prismic. Some content for slice is dynamic which sits in API.

So my question is how can I prefetch data from 2 apis(Prismic and My Custom Api) to get all data for slice.

I was looking into integration fields feature, but it seems a slicemachine doesn't support it.

One of ways I think that maybe splitting useGetStaticProps to smaller parts, that I could build it myself with extra return props.

Big thanks in advance. :heart::cherry_blossom:

HI Arnas,

Sorry about the delay, I needed to get some info from the team about how to do this.

So in this case, you shouldn't use useGetStaticProps method, instead query the client with Next.js getStaticProps. Then you can re-use the next-slicezone/features/query. You can see below how to do this:

Let us know if you have any further questions.

Hello, Phil,

It works like a charm.

thank you for help :heart:

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