Filter documents by nested / linked documents custom field value

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Is it possible to filter documents by their linked documents custom field value? For example, i want to get all team members filtered by the location name “Hamburg”.

  allTeam_members {
    edges {
      node {
        location {
          ... on Locations {
            _meta {

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It is not possible to use the field of a linked document as an argument for filtering the response. These fields need to belong to the main document you’re querying (In this case would be “team_members”).

I don’t know how your locations Custom type is built but if it’s similar to a tag, then a Custom Tagging System is what you need.

After creating a custom Tag, you can then create a document and add the “Hamburg” text to it. Then in a query, you’ll just need to do a query by Content relationship field and pass the ID of the “Hamburg” custom tag.

@paulina.gavilan thanks for your response.

I will try out your suggestion. I haven’t used the tags before.

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