Gatsby Cloud Preview: Preview data is good but is not displayed on the page


I am trying to get Gatsby Cloud Preview working following this guide and this guide.

I'm pretty sure I set up everything correctly but I'm am stuck with a problem that the preview data is not being merged with the graphql query data.

So I get something like this:


The edit is in the preview data but is not being displayed in the page title.

I am also receiving this data in the page data prop like this:

Should I be doing an isPreview check to select between published data and preview data? If so, How do I get the slices since the body object is a proxy (visible in the console image)?

Can someone help me debug this issue?

Hello Omar, welcome to the Prismic Community, I'll be glad to help you out !

We can do some checks on your project:

  1. Did you correctly configured the previews and webhooks in your repository and the variables in your Gatsby Cloud instance?
  2. Did you opened the preview from within the release, using the eye button?
  3. Are you looking at the correct document? (you know this by looking at the URL, if it matches the UID of your document.
  4. Do you have any other active releases?

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