Gatsby Filter OR instead of AND

Hey there,

Is there a way to filter a query using the OR statement instead AND. I currently have an author field but I'd need to introduce authors (while keeping author a legacy field due to the number of documents I'd need to migrate manually).

I have a /author/:uid page where I display all articles written by an author. How can I query all articles where the author is either in the author field OR authors field?

This query is empty because it queries using AND

    sort: {fields: data___published_date, order: DESC}
    filter: {data: {author: {uid: {eq: "kris"}}, authors: {elemMatch: {author_doc: {uid: {eq: "kris"}}}}}}
  ) {
    nodes {

Hello @kris, I think OR is not supported in Gatsby. Check out Gatsby's official docs to see the list of all supported operators There's also a conversation about this in the Gatsby repo on Github.