getSliceZoneComponents import issue

Hi All :wave:
I'm following Alex Trost and Lucie Haberer Vite/Prismic boradcast.
I’m getting this SyntaxError: import not found: getSliceZoneComponents when running this .vue file:

	<div v-if="case_study">
		<SliceZone :slices="" :components="components" />

<script setup>
import { useRoute } from "vue-router";
import { getSliceZoneComponents, usePrismicDocumentByUID } from "@prismicio/vue";

import Testimonial from "../components/Testimonial.vue";

const route = useRoute();
const { data: case_study } = usePrismicDocumentByUID("case_study", route.params.uid);
const components = getSliceZoneComponents({ });

Is getSliceZoneComponents not a thing?
Am I doing something wrong, or what?
Help will be much appreciated :pray:

Best wishes,

Hello @yonatan.bk

Thanks for reaching out to us.

The stream used the alpha version of the kit. We have since released some breaking changes to the underlying client kit (because we're in alpha).

What version of @prismicio/vue are you using? I assume you are using V3 beta of `@prismicio/vue' that doesn't have getSliceZoneComponents.

Here is a version 3 beta technical reference for @prismicio/vue?


Hi there :dancing_men:
I'm using version ^3.0.0-alpha.3 of @prismicio/vue

Hello @yonatan.bk

Can you update @prismicio/vue to the latest version? You can check the latest version here. The latest version doesn't have getSliceZone Components.

Let me know if you have any other questions.


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