Getting ECONNREFUSED on normal request

  1. I have no idea where to report this
  2. I'm trying to model this with different access level, and it works in browser, but does not work on next.js
  3. Switching to VPN helped, but it's not a solution I can rely on for production.
  4. According to health site - everything seems to be working, which means it does not detect issues
  5. I had to spend few hours figuring out what's wrong, not the best spend of my time.

I have a HUGE concern now, that this won't happen sometime in production.

Hi @anton2, thanks for reaching out.

It seems that this is due to a network/ISP issue, as using a VPN solves the issue, and to be able to investigate further, I would need more information.

  • The country you are located in.
  • The full error that you are getting.
  • A code snippet of the code throwing this error.
  • Your Prismic repository name.

Also please check this You should not fetch an API route from getStaticProps in thread. It seems to be similar to the issue you are facing.

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