GraphQL CORS error

I mean the fix is literally to just have the server only return a single access-control-allow-origin header. It's super embarassing that this is still not fixed. My clients are super pissed and I am definitely looking elsewhere for my headless CMS needs in the future.


I am facing the same issue right now

Hi Everyone,

We are aware of this ongoing issue for some repositories. The team is working on hard to resolve this and we have updated our status page to reflect this.

Thanks for your understanding.

Your status page claims everything is back to normal, but I am still facing the same issue...

So the team added the fix for the /graphql endpoint and they working on adding it on the normal /api endpoint now too.

I am using specifically the /graphql API and it is NOT fixed

OK, I'm following up with the team.

Had to republish a document to invalidate CDN cache. Now it works!

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Great to hear you got it working this extra information is really helpful.

I'm really sorry this occurred in the first place.

I was also asked to republish a document and it seems to have fixed it for me now, too

Seems like the fix is only temporary. After a while it's broken again :((

OK, damn. We just got the same feedback internally and the team is still working on this to get it resolved. I can only apologise while the team is working hard, so sorry again.

OK, everybody. The latest word is that it should be all good now!

Jep looks good for me for now. Fingers crossed it stays that way :sweat_smile:

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:crossed_fingers: :crossed_fingers:

I'm sure it will now the team is on top of this. Thanks everyone for your patience :pray:

These CORS issues can be tricky to identify because the majority of the time they are thrown by the browser when a GraphQL query is too large. Hopefully, we can do some work there as well so that the browser can give better error messaging for that case.

Let us know if you see any other issue and we'll be quick to jump on it.

Thanks again.

I definitely can relate that CORS issues are thrown very randomly by browsers for unrelated issues... But the query being to large is kind of a home made issue, with your insistance on using GET requests instead of POST for graphql right :wink:

That's true, the original idea being to limit query size to improve performance. I know there are plans to open the GraphQL API to POST requests, although it's not being work on right now.

We need to take time to consider that option correctly because just allowing huge queries will put a lot of strain on the API.

Thanks guys! Can confirm it's working now

Issue resolved.