GraphQL/Graphquery and Slice Machine Update

Hi Phil,

Have there been any developments with the full support for SliceMachines and GraphQL/GraphQuery?

I've not seen any recent updates or discussions on this during the most recent meet-ups.



GraphQL is available with the Shared Slices structure on all Slice Machine repositories now.

What would your use case be for using GraphQL/GraphQuery in your project?

Because one thing that is still not possible is using content relationships within Slices. Though the team is working hard to deliver this by allowing users to build Custom Types locally.

Hi Phil,

That's good to know, though not great on the content relationships side. I'm currently using GraphQuery, and have planned to migrate to GraphQL this year.

Probably worth waiting for content relationships, since we use a lot of these in our slices, and obviously Slice Machine has its benefits for the development workflow.

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