GraphQL Query Caching using fetch GET request

Hi Prismic team, Is there a way to cache data retrieved form a GraphQL server using a regular HTTP GET browser request (query sent in the URL) without using a GraphQL client (ex. Apollo) on the front-end?

Code Example:

GET ${repoEndpoint}/graphql?query=${encodeURIComponent(graphQlQuery)}


Hi @mhalawani

Thanks for reaching out,

I believe this question is generic to GraphQL and not only Prismic Graphql.
I've done some research as Prismic GraphQL uses GET requests then you might find some information about doing that in the article if you don't want to use Apollo GraphQL client.

But may I know why you don't want to use Apolllo GraphQL client.?

Hi @Fares,

The main issue we have with Apolllo GraphQL client is the bundle size.