GraphQL: whereFilter throws 500 filtering Boolean

I created a new content type (lets call it Content) with a boolean field (lets call it “flag”), and then I try to to run a GraphQL query structured
allContent(where: { “flag”: true }) {…} is throwing a 500 error. Is filtering on a boolean field broken in the GraphQL API?

Hello @alex, welcome to the community forum!

If you’re trying to use that exact query, it isn’t going to work because of the quotation marks. Try this one instead:

allContent(where: { flag: true }) {…}

You can browse the available fields than can be used with the where argument and in all the schema using shift + space in the keyboard.

No sorry @paulina.gavilan , I meant allContent(where: { flag: true }) {…} without quotation marks. I am using this query in the prismic graphql playground so I am using that to choose the value from the schema and it 500.

Its a field I added to multiple content types that already have some content made thats causing a 500 error. When I create a new boolean field in a new content type it works fine. Seems like I’m hitting some strange edge case

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