GraqhQL Doesn't Work


I am running into an issue with a blog page where it is loading in all of the data from each blog post for the index page. I have tried both adding the 'fetch' option as well as a graphQuery option (separate tests). In both cases the .get function is still returning all the data, which appears in a 'data' object. I saw that the 'fetch' method is being deprecated in favor of 'graphQuery' so I am trying to go that route. When I try to access the graphQl playground via my Prismic url with '/graphql` I can not get any query to return anything but an empty string. Is there something that needs to be setup to enable graphQL in Prismic? Can you please provide me with an example of how to get this working and let me know why graphQL doesn't work at all in repo?

Hello @brian1

Thanks for reaching out to us.

I believe you need to follow this article: GraphQuery - Documentation - Prismic. It's about graphQuery and it is an API option that allows you to do selective fetching and deep fetching.
graphql and graphQuery both are different.