How do i fetch a content relationship in a group with all the data

Hello, i was wondering how i fetch the data of a content relationship when its in a group. I have a homepage and with conten relationship in a group i show some of the blogs. I want to fetch the title for examle of the blog. I now have that it shows some data, but not everything.

Hi @justin.berghahn ,

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To get data from linked documents, you'll have to use GraphQuery, our query option where you define the field you want:

Let me know if you have any questions.


Hi Phil, i'm not using GraphQuery.


This is how i fetch.

Yes, but you will need to to get the linked documents info. GraphQuery is not GraphQL. GraphQuery uses a GraphQL-like syntax. However, GraphQuery doesn’t include some GraphQL features such as named queries or introspection.

You might query like this then:

import * as prismic from "@prismicio/client"

const client = prismic.createClient("example-prismic-repo")

async function init() {
  const response = await client.getAllByType("blog", {
    graphQuery: `{
      blog {
        author_link {
          ...on author {

  return response


Okay thank you, i'll check it now!

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