How to add custom feature like filter to blog app

i have blog app created there are different types of blog categories when i select a blog category then i should see only same type of blog on home page .example if iuser select entertainment type then user should only see entertainment to achieve using prismic

Hi @sujitkandekar100 ,

The best way to do this is to add tags to your blog post and then query all your blog posts from Prismic:

Then filter the results in the front end of your Next.js app based on the available tags. This video might help:

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can we add filter custom features using taxmaximous concept

Hi @sujitkandekar100 , I'm not familiar with taxmaximous concept.

Are you looking to have an index page for each category? Or are you looking to have all your posts display but then allow people to filter the posts by category "on the fly?"