How to upload and use SVG?

Hi there,

how is it possible to upload and use SVGs? It’s not done via the image field - but how else?


Hi Andi,

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I couldn’t reproduce the issue, I’ve been able to upload an SVG file and use it in a document.

Can you please send us a screen recording of the problem.

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Hi @Fares !

Thanks for reaching out.

Pls find the video here

Every time I upload an SVG it’s 0 x 0px and I cannot save the document anymore.

Well one possibility can be a wrong formatting of those SVG or an incompatible version, can you please share with us one sample of those SVG files

Sure. I uploaded an example file here

I’ve tried to upload the SVG file and it works!

Can you please share with us the name of the repository so that I ask your dev team to look into this?

okay that’s weird!

the repo name is truetapegermany

thanks! please give me an update once we know what’s going on here.

I have reported the issue in our issue tracker and we get back to you ASAP.

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@Fares I found that while uploading the image, a successful POST request is sent which has a correct image path:

When I open this link in a new tab, it works but for some reason it’s not reflected properly on the editor.

The image that is used in the editor is blob: and when I hover over it, it says 0 x 0:

but even though the POST is successful, in its params it also says width: 0 and height: 0:

@Fares it works with Chrome - with Firefox (what I use) it doesn’t


Thanks for letting us know, It seems that this is an issue related to Firefox, here is a thread that might be related.

Please share with us the image processor you have used to generate the SVG in order to further investigate the issue.