I18n fallback main language


I've implemented i18n for other Next.js apps in the past, but never with Prismic, so I was curious about a couple of things:

  1. My team does not want to translate all pages (yet), but just certain pages. How does Prismic handle the situation where the main language is English, but the user has changed the language of the website to French on a page that has not been translated? Will it show the English version as a fallback?

  2. If the main language is English, and we just want to create a page for e.g. the French locale, is it possible to just have a French version of the page?

I've tried finding the above in your documentation, but couldn't find it (apologies if I've missed it), so thought I would simply ask here. Thanks in advance!

Hello @amos, thanks for reaching out. We have one document that explains how to configure a multilang site with Prismic:

You need to create a navigation per locale, so each document has an equivalent one. And you need to add a 404 page for pages that might not have one.