Image Quality Goes Awry

I have an image that's 480px * 480px. The quality goes bad after adding my image into Prismic--even with the same dimensions...

Could you add a screenshot/link?

Prismic uses Imgix I believe, so you can try adding quality parameters.

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Like Max says we use Imgix so your images are auto-optimised. The best practice is to upload the original full size, full quality image so not to compress the image twice. Imgix will then deliver this image at the right size, based off of the image view you have created, and optimised in the best format based on your users browser.

You can remove the default compression rate by editing the url string. So for example if you return you url string in your project as a variable called ‘img’ then you can remove the auto compress and edit this string to set the quality to 100% of maximum like so:

const newUrl =${img}&q=100

This example is using javascript, which technology or framework are you using?


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An update on this: @prismicio/helpers v.2.1.0 now includes helper methods for formatting images, including customizing sizes and disabling Imgix compression. More info in the technical reference: