Image quality is lower than original when call by api

i have upload a image in document when i get that image by api the url is like

the image quality is lower than original image so how to get the same original quality by api

i know by removing auto=compress it get quality bt how in api

Hi @brandliquidprotein

I have responded to your to the JIRA issue you have created, and basically simply add auto=enhance to the links that the API provides.

You can find more info in this thread

I’m getting image by api the link is like

the quality of the is low so when i remove the all params
the link is look like
the image quality is good like what i upload in media library

so my question is by default for all image have auto=compress,format in the link so how to call api without that

Thanks, @brandliquidprotein for the clarifications; I believe the only way around this is to strip the parameters using a regex or some library on your application side.

This is in my opinion the biggest issue with working with Prismic.

When using NextJS Image component, which automatically optimizes images with any image coming from the Prismic API results in very poor image quality and manually stripping URLs for websites with lots of images is simply too much of a hassle.

I understand the reason why this is done, however, this shouldn't be a decision that Prismic should be making for us, making us jump through hoops to have something that could be easily patched in.

Let the developers worry about which aproach they take to optimizing images instead of making decisions for us that might not be appropriate to every project.