Remove auto=compress from all image urls

Hi here!

For images from Prismic, i'm using

<PrismicImage :field="image" />

I need to remove the auto=compress parameter from all the images from prismic.

Is there a way to disable this option somewhere, and keep the <PrismicImage /> ?

Thanks a lot!

Hello @Vincent07

Thanks for reaching out to us.

My colleague in the following thread has answered this question:

Let us know if you have any further questions.


Hi Priyanka!

I'm not sure to understand...

He says:

You need to modify the URL of the image.

In my slice model.json, i can modify url:

  "id": "image_plein_ecran",
  "type": "SharedSlice",
  "name": "ImagePleinEcran",
  "description": "ImagePleinEcran",
  "variations": [
      "id": "default",
      "name": "Default",
      "docURL": "...",
      "version": "sktwi1xtmkfgx8626",
      "description": "ImagePleinEcran",
      "primary": {
        "image": {
          "type": "Image",
          "config": {
            "label": "Image",
            "constraint": {
              "width": 1660
            "thumbnails": []
      "items": {},
      "imageUrl": ",format"

But even if you remove this parameter in the imageUrl value, the url called is still with this parameter

Hello @Vincent07

You need to change the code where you are templating the image field.
<PrismicImage :field="image" auto: "undefined" />


Oh it's perfect !
Thanks a lot!

You are welcome, @Vincent07. I am happy to help. Feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions. Thanks.

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Hum... i don't understand... :sweat_smile:


The render:


Am I crazy? :sweat_smile:

Hi @priyanka, i need your help, thanks for your time :smiley:

Adding parameter auto="undefined" doesn't working :frowning:

Hello @Vincent07,

There is a mistake in the code that I shared with you.

By default, both compress and format are enabled for the auto parameter, and each one can be configured independently.

// To remove only `compress`:
<PrismicImage field={myField} imgixParams={{ auto: 'format' }} />

// To remove only `format`:
<PrismicImage field={myField} imgixParams={{ auto: 'compress' }} />

// To remove both:
<PrismicImage field={myField} imgixParams={{ auto: undefined }} />

I believe it solves the issue.


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Hi @Priyanka!

Thanks :wink:

I have now this code, for Nuxt.js

          :imgix-params="{ auto:undefined }"

But i always have the compression :frowning:

<img src=",format&amp;rect=0,1,542,331&amp;w=540&amp;h=330" alt="" imgix-params="[object Object]">

What do you mean by this:

On the html render, i still have the ?auto=compress,format on the image url.

That's strange. It should work. Can you share your code?