Image Format Issue

Hi Prismic Team,

Is it possible to remove auto compress & formatting for images? Previously the image can be saved as the exact format we updated. But now, the format is changed after download.

For example, assuming we upload a png image.
the url of the image is changed to something like this.***/*****.png?auto=compress,format&rect=0,0,1536,824&w=768&h=412

When the image is downloaded by right click on the website, it's saved as avif. If i tried to save as other type of image, the image will be shown as broken.

Is there anyway to keep the original format when it's saved?


Hello @minghao, thanks for reaching out.
It's possible to remove the auto compress format from all images. You need to modify the URL of the image. You can find more details here:

Apply your own transformations