Internationalization implementation with Next JS (13.5.6) & typescript

Hey there!

I've recently started working on our website, which is built using Next JS and TypeScript (specifically, Next 13.5.6). I followed this tutorial to set it up:

My current challenge is to implement internationalization with Prismic, so we can smoothly handle both English and French languages on our website. However, I've scoured YouTube and community forums, but I can't seem to find any tutorials or guidance on this specific topic.

That's why I'm reaching out here – I'm wondering if there's anyone who knows how to tackle this and might be interested in helping me out. :blush:

You can find the repository here:

P.S. Since I'm still a beginner, please bear in mind that my code might not be top-notch just yet :grin:

A big thanks in advance!


Hi Andy,

We've got documentation on how to set this up here :slight_smile:


Hey Phil,

Thank you again for replying.

I already read this doc a few days ago, but since the project uses typescript (and because I'm a beginner/noob aha) I can't find a way to adapt it to my code :/

Hey Andy

In your code I see that your are using the new Next.js App router.
Therefore the current Prismic Next.js internationalization documentation is outdated.

I believe that the following blog post might help you out. :slight_smile:

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Hello Andre,

Thank you so much for this! :blush:

I followed all the tutorial but unfortunately I still have some errors;

There is no homepage appearing when I go to:

  • localhost:3000 & localhost:3000/fr-fr
    (but there is one for this path: localhost:3000/en-US)

But all the other paths are working (for example):

  • localhost:3000/fr-fr/blog & localhost:3000/en-US/blog
  • localhost:3000/fr-fr/blog/spotify-new-feature-discovery-mode & localhost:3000/en-US/blog/spotify-new-feature-discovery-mode
  • localhost:3000/fr-fr/artists & localhost:3000/en-US/artists
  • localhost:3000/fr-fr/artists/blurblur & localhost:3000/en-US/artists/blurblur

It seems like the main language found is french, which is great, but no homepage are being loaded for this one :confused:

Here is the link to the repo with the tutorial edits added:

Would you consider looking at what I've done to tell me if I've forgotten or done something wrong?

Thank you so much for your help! :face_holding_back_tears:

Here is the updated repo, where I still have the problem of my latest message :slight_smile:


The sample project should help you out with this: