Interpolation of dynamic values

Is there first-class support for interpolation of values?

For example, I might want my content editors to be able to translate this sort of string:

"Hello {{name}}, welcome to our app!"

I am wondering if there is first-class support to interpolate the {{name}} variable at our app level.

We are currently consuming the @prismicio/react package, for reference.

Hi @isaac2,

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I'm not sure I've understood your request. Can you give more information about what you are trying to do? Some supporting examples would be helpful.

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Perhaps reading this might give you more information:

I need to insert dynamic values into CMS content.

Let me know if you need further clarification.

I'm pretty sure that Prismic doesn't have a first-class support for interpolation.

I've used interpolation in the past to generate large quantities of location pages which are quite similar to each other. I created one main page with {{}}, {{location.product}} then run then replace the variables with strings within the codebase.

I'd be interested what is your use-case. Maybe I can help you to figure out how to do it effectively

Hey Kris. We're using Prismic to drive a NextJs web app, which seems to be a main use case and is supported well.

We're also using Prismic to drive a React Native mobile app, which is more of a custom setup.

I find it funny to be asked twice for an example of interpolation, when one was given in the original post. Interpolation is a basic concept when it comes to localisation.

Let me phrase it a different way: given the @prismicio/react package, and its PrismicRichText component, is there any way to arbitrarily do a replace('{{name}}', 'John Doe'), before formatting takes place?

@isaac2 Why don't you use HTML Serializer - Prismic to handle this? Then you can map your variables to whatever values you'd need replaced.

If you are not using a rich text but instead a simple key text field you can simply replace the fields prior to rendering

const welcomeMessage ="{{name}}", name)
  return (

Am I missing something obvious? I'm pretty sure prismicio@react package doesn't support this, but I'm not sure if it's meant to, as it's not a React specific problem to solve.

Disclaimer: I don't work for Prismic and I'm a web dev just like yourself

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Thanks, @kris, for your response, effectivly using HTML Serializer - Prismic can be a solution for this, @isaac2 did that fix the issue for you?