Is it possible to query by a group field value?

Hello Prismic team! Yet another question for you.

I have 'categories' set up on my blog posts as a group field that contains a select field where a user can add multiple values from a select menu.

You have documentation on querying by various field types but I don't see anything about a group field: Query by a field with the Prismic REST API - Prismic

See screenshot of my prismic content here:

I'm thinking this might not be possible. I tried to grab the value of the first select menu in the group field like so but keep getting an error message;'[0].industry', 'Agriculture')

Any help would be appreciated!



Hey there. I'll ask the team and get back to you shortly with more info.

Hey there, just to let you know that we've updated the documentation to the latest version of @prismicio/client. These docs include a section about queries with fields inside groups: