ISSUE: Copying document to different locale overwrites existing document


There seems to be a certain behaviour when copying document from one locale to other.

  1. one locale has the document, the other doesn't
  2. when copied to other locale it overwrites an existing document
  3. I compared document ids.

Is this normal behaviour and how and when is happening?
If extra clarification is needed i can further explain.

Thank you.

Hello @nikola.jovanovic

Welcome back to the Prismic community, and thanks for reaching out to us.

To answer your questions:

You are copying in multiple locales, and it does copying in one locale, not in others? Are you selecting all locales' names when you are copying? It should be available in all the locales.

Could you explain it a bit more? If you are copying again with the new changes, it will overwrite an existing document.

I need more information here.


Hi Priyanka,

  1. I have multiple locales, but the example is copying (creating) a document from one locale to other using "Copy to another locale" functionality.
  2. I'm not copying to multiple locales at one time, but from (using your example) from "Arabic - Bahrain" to "Arabic - UAE"
  3. when copied to other locale it overwrites an existing document - copying from Locale_1 to Locale_2. Locale_2 does not have that document (eg. product), but when copied from Locale_1 it overwrites some other product on Locale_2 with product data from Locale_1.
  4. I compared document ids. - The way I figured point 3. happened is when i compared document id (unique id which is assigned by prismic when document is created).

Since we daily copy a lot of documents between locales, and the outcome seems to be unpredictable, we'd appreciate if you found time for zoom call so that we can demonstrate what we are dealing with.

Thanks Nikola

Hello @nikola.jovanovic

Thanks for the detailed clarification.

Could you please share your repository and Custom types name that you are copying to another locale with me? You can send me a private message. I'll talk to my dedicated colleague responsible for taking Zoom calls and let you know.


Hello @nikola.jovanovic

I have checked your repository and couldn't reproduce the issue.

When you copy a document not from one locale to another locale, it goes into release. So you need to check that document in the planned(release) tab of that respective locale where you copied it.

Could you please send me a screen recording?


Hi, @Priyanka

Based on your answer, I think i didn't communicate the issue well.
Is it possible to schedule a video call to present you the issue and resolve all the questions right there on the spot?


Hi @nikola.jovanovic

I apologize for not understanding your question completely. I have passed this information to my dedicated team member responsible for taking calls. He will be assisting you soon.

Meantime, I'd love to troubleshoot your issue if you can send me a screen recording of the issue.



Thank you for forwarding the request.
Regarding screen recording, I asked for a publisher to book sometime to make the recording and I am still waiting for them to find time.

Hello @nikola.jovanovic

Follow-up message:

Did you receive a call from our side? Did your publisher get time to make the recording?


Hello @Priyanka ,

So far I haven't been contacted by anyone from prismic.
Publishing team leader is on vacation until Wednesday and we she comes back i'll try to have here record that as soon as she can.

Hello @nikola.jovanovic

It would be better if you could screen record with me whenever your Publishing team leader returned. I am looking forward to hearing from you back.


Hi Priyanka,

I have the recording. How would you prefer to transfer the video?

Hello @nikola.jovanovic, You can send me here or by private message.


I'm Fares from the education team,
@Priyanka is not available currently, and our team has been trying to reproduce the issue but the issue doesn't look like it exists!

Please can you let us know if you still have this issue?

Hi @Fares,
Colleague that has been involved with this issue is currently on vacation. I will get back to you next week when she's back.

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Hi @Fares ,

The issue still exists. I was asking for video call so that we can demonstrate the issue. Is it possible do schedule one?

Hello @nikola.jovanovic, I've tried to reproduce the error on my end and I can't find the issue.
Indeed there's an existing document linked to the main one in the Serbian - Serbia locale. so it's normal that the content is modified if you copy it all from one local to another.

Hello @Pau ,

I hope you'll understand we are now in the middle of campaign, let me get back to you some day from 15th of aug.

Thank you.