Issues with slugs in the API

Hi Prismic,

I've come across an odd issue which I think is related to the slugs in the API data.
I'm aware that slugs are deprecated but after investigated an issue related with Prismic Preview and my Preview site I am about 80% certain that slugs are the problem.

In terms of technologies I'm using, I am developed in nuxtjs and my preview site is being hosted on Cloudways.

Our client was having an issue with Preview where they could not preview specific pages and the Preview site would return an internal server error.

After some investigation I realised the issue was that these specific pages all shared the same value in the slug field. What is confusing was that this data was being updated whenever the client updated the Title field of the document and there's no validation for the title field being the same or being used by a previous document, so it is entirely possible that the slug field can contain duplicates.

If the slug field is deprecated why is it still in the API data? Is it possible to remove it or perhaps I can manually remove the slug from the document data?

yeah i noticed the slug update as well, so just using uid for documents now - it works as a slug

Hello @sog. Thanks for reaching out!

Could you tell me a little more about your use case? Where do you see the repeated slugs?
Slugs shouldn't cause any problems when previewing documents. The UIDs do not conflict because they can only be assigned to a single document. Slugs cannot be removed from the API, but we already have a feature request to update this detail within the JSON of the response.