Language support for select field

I have a custom type created using the slice machine structure.
One of the slice uses the select field that has been pre-populated with set of values that the author can select from which would be displayed on the UI
Now we are introducing multi-language support on our website using prismic. While translating all the documents, the editable fields are good to go. but the select field values are still showing up in the base language even in the translated document.

Is there a way where the select field values are updated based on the selected language?

Hello @amogh.kajaria

Thanks for reaching out to us.

Unfortunately, Prismic doesn't translate any value of Select field too, and I can understand how important this feature to translate value in the Select field. I will pass this request to my feature team.

One workaround I can think that give the list of values in diffent languages in options of the Select field and choose the translated option according to your locale. For example, I have given four options in two languages here so I can choose the desired option when I make translations.

I hope the workaround is suitable for you.