Legacy slices in Prismic


We're rebuilding our site that was created before Slice Machine existed. We're keen to use Slice Machine now but we have a few questions:

  1. We have a bunch of old-format slices (and shared slices) in our repo. Is there an easy way to port these over to become Slice Machine 'Shared Slices'?
  2. Can we disable the 'From Slice Machine' tab when adding slices? We have removed the essential-slices NPM package from our new repo because we don't want to use them. While they're not appearing in Slice Machine / Prismic Builder (what is this actually called?) locally, they're still appearing in Prismic's web UI.
  3. Is it actually safe to enable Slice Machine on an existing repo with a lot of content, custom types and slices?

Hi @baileymckay, welcome to the Prismic community.

I will try to answer your inquires in order:

  • Currently, there is no official migration tool to migrate none Slice Machine slices, you can follow this thread for future updates.
  • I'm checking with my team and get back to you.
  • Yes sure it is safe, and in fact, the Slice Machine is now activated for all repositories.

Hi, @baileymckay I've got some feedback from the Slice Machine team, and so regarding the
Essential-slices from Prismic Writing Room, yes, we will remove them in the future.

We are currently building a way to share libraries of slice, that could, in the future, lead to some place in Prismic where you will be able to pick up the best community libraries (and will replace the current "shared slices")

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