Link resolver error while Next.js build

Hi Kazuto,

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It's seems like you need to refresh your .next cache, you can manually delete the file on your local machine, if you're deployed on Vercel you can check the suggested fixes for the Next.js issue here:

I say this because your query isn't using the latest ref (ZZ-2sBEAACIAWozV) to get the latest content from Prismic. You can see it working here:[[any(document.tags%2C+["company"])]]&pageSize=100&ref=ZZ-2sBEAACIAWozV&routes=[{"type"%3A"newsPost"%2C"path"%3A"%2Fnews%2Farticle%2F%3Auid"}%2C{"type"%3A"page"%2C"path"%3A"%2F%3Auid"}%2C{"type"%3A"homepage"%2C"path"%3A"%2F"}%2C{"type"%3A"recruit"%2C"path"%3A"%2Frecruit"}]

Let me know if you need anything else.


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