Route Resolver + Next 12


I'm using Route Resolver for my new Nextjs website to create a complex route which is not possible using the Link Resolver approach.

      type: "post",
      path: "/tutorials/:folder?/:uid",
      resolvers: {
        folder: "category",

I recently upgraded my packages, including nextjs from 11 to 12. However, when deployed to vercel, I got 500 error.

I spent a lot of time wondering why that might be happening as it's working in development as well as when I build & serve the website locally.

However, when I downgraded from next 12 to next 11, it started working again.

There is probably something in Nextjs new version that breaks the route resolver?


Hi Kris,

Thanks for reporting this, I haven't seen this issue before but I remember using the route resolver with Next 12 without problem, so I'll have to test again and get back to you.

I haven't had any problems with Next 12 when testing this, can you send me a copy of your project so I can check this out?