Migration API Reponses with "You don't have the rights to execute this action" What am I doing wrong?


So i am trying to pragmatically make new documents using the migration API. How do I get a session token with my ouath account?

I tripled checked the bearer token and the migrationBetaToken.



I realized that I am using an ouath to sign in. how can I get my session token without a password

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Migration API

What steps have you taken to resolve this issue already?

Following the example command line prompts to the T.


You don't have the rights to execute this action

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I had the error above because I tried to use an username and password for another account, my bad :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:. I was able to fix it by logging into my ouath account and using the cookies to get the session key. Is there a way I can get my account a username and password?

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Hi Quentin,

I'm glad you figured this out. For the moment it's not possible to get a password and username, but it's in our plans. We'll update you here when this is the case.


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Hi @quentingibson94

User session tokens are one of two ways to authenticate with the Migration API.

You can also use a permanent token to authenticate, which will let you to avoid the complications you ran into with the session token when you log into Prismic via OAuth or SSO.