Modifying Custom Types


I'm adding a new toggle field in one of our Custom Types - Article & Template Page.

Initial default setting was false for testing and we want to modify the default to true for final implementation.

When I modified default setting to true, the Documents using either Article or Template Page Custom Type, the new toggle is still set the false.


  1. When modifying the fields in for Custom Types, does it change it for all the documents?
  2. We have 100s of documents using these Custom Types, is there an alternative to changing the toggle globally instead of manually?


Hello @charlotte.lopez, thanks for reaching out.

No. When you modify the default value of a content field, this won't change the value for the existing documents that use it. You need to modify these values manually. For security reasons, these two functionalities work separately.

Hi Pau,

Thanks so much for prompt reply.

Will look for an alternative or have to manually change these documents individually.

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