New fields returned as null

@Phil @skedify I still have this issue. And toggling the field and republishing does not help for me. I have tried the suggestion of resaving the default of the boolean field in my custom slice, it didn't change anything. And I have tried upgrading to slice-machine-ui@0.1.2-beta.3 - same behaviour. I'm not sure if the fixes aren't working because my toggle property is on a slice rather than a custom type? Any suggestions?

In fact, any new field of any type I add to a slice in an existing published document - always shows up "null". Pls help!

Hi Adam,

I made a new topic as this was unrelated to the other, and updated the other thread to include the instructions:
npm install slice-machine-ui@latest

The current beta is not the same.

Can you share with me some screenshots of exactly where you are seeing the null response?

Thanks @Phil. I was running with @latest initially - I tried beta - I get the same behaviour on both @latest and @beta.

rightBgImageVisibility is set to true on the slice

Once you add any type of new field to a Custom Type or a Slice, you must first republish any documents that use this Slice for the field to be returned with a value in the API.

I tried that, it doesn't work for me

Can you tell me the URL for your repo so I can check this?

Thanks - it was a PEBCAK (problem exists between chair and keyboard) I was publishing a document for a different locale than I was testing with. Do'h! It's actually working once I publish.

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I'm glad you figured this out. It's a common misunderstanding.

Let us know if you need anything else :slight_smile:

(I edited your comment for future readers.)

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