Next.JS Prismic Site with protected pages

Hey Prismic!

I am currently working on a site where I want to use Next with partly SSG and SSR as there should be a “press area” for journalists. The way this works is that journalists can claim access to the press area and reach out the brand via email. The editors should be able to create a user for said press area in the CMS (username would be email, password would be a random string / hash) — so users should not be able to sign up themselves (because the client want to have control over who gets access). Furthermore there should be different credentials per user as they may want to remove access for a user at some point.

My first attempt was to use either something like Passport.js or Firebase (the latter mainly because I am a fan of Firebase/Firestore and used it before) but of course this comes with the pain point that the client has two systems (CMS for content, Firebase for users).

Is there a different approach that’s more tied to Prismic itself?

Thank you

Hi Christian,

Your approach of managing your users in Firebase, alongside using Prismic to allow content editor collaboration is the best approach in my opinion.

Managing user information and authentication like this is best handled outside of Prismic.

Let me know if you need any help with that.

You might want to check out for a really easy integration. :grinning:

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