Next13 Prismic Link Issues

I am using Next13 and am running into a tricky issue with the library. When using PrismicLink or PrismicRichText if there is a link embedded, it breaks the whole app. Not sure how to fix or circumvent it?

Hey @jp1, cssn you show us your template in the front end?

Here's the only relevant part. I get the error when I run this code, but not when I delete it.

<div className={classes.answer}>
  <PrismicRichText field={slice.primary.answer_3} />

It happens whenever there is a link within answer_3

How did you set up your app to resolve internal and external links?
<PrismicProvider> wraps your application to use the correct link, depending on the case. Here's the documentation:

Thanks, I didn't realize that. I think that fixed it!

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