Nextjs -> exitPreview() is not working

Sorry for reposting it both here and Github, but it's a pretty high priority:

Edit: I just tested it locally and I can confirm that this is only a problem on Production (hosted on Vercel)

Hello @kris, Could you share with us any screen recordings or error logs?
This helps us better understand the error.
Thank you

@Pau There are no error logs

What is the expected behaviour?

I click exit preview, the toolbar disappears and the preview data is gone as well (so you see production data instead)

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Angelo responded to the GitHub issue:

There was a bug in @prismicio/next that caused this exact issue when deploying to CDNs that aggressively cache API route responses, including Vercel. This is fixed as of v0.1.4 where
exitPreview() now returns a 205 status code.

For more details on the issue and the fix, see #32.

I see you're using at least v0.1.5, which already includes the fix, so you may have a cached response stored in your browser. Could you clear your browser cache (specifically for the /api/exit-preview route) and try again? You should see a 205 status code on the /api/exit-preview route, not a 200.

Please let me know if this fixes the issue. Thanks!