Not finding pages, seeming to not use the endpoint - PrismicError: No documents were returned

Not sure whats going on here, I updated to the latest prismic version and created a new single type, now both of my types don't seem to be working. It seems to not be using the right endpoint in the logs, where it should be 'next-portfolio-cms' it is reading undefined. I get the feeling something hasn't been hooked up properly but it was working before I added this new single page?

Hey Chris,

What is the apiEndpoint in your sm.json file? is it next-portfolio-cms?

Can you show your query to Prismic to get this document?


Hey! Yes, my endpoint is correct in sm.json:

  "apiEndpoint": "",
  "libraries": [
  "_latest": "0.5.1"

Hello @chris_law9208,

Welcome to Prismic community and thanks for reaching out to us.

Can you please provide your codebase either as a zip file or a git repository so I can debug and provide assistance?


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Hi Rachael,

Thanks for responding! Here is the repo I'm working from:


Hello @chris_law9208,

In your work.tsx file you are importing createClient from import { createClient } from "@prismicio/client";

You should import it from import { createClient } from "./prismicio";

Let me know if this works.


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