Nuxt preview just shows my apps index page?


Struggling to get previews working in localhost.

I have a boilerplate nuxt setup using npx create-nuxt-app and following the prismic nuxt setup instructions.

I created a content type, and a slice and pushed those both to Prismic.

I can use the slicemachine to preview slices locally but when I create a document on prismic and attempt to preview it I just get shown my apps home page (index.vue)

I setup my preview settings in my repository, just using http:localhost:3000 and left the link resolver as /preview

My @nuxt/prismic module is all setup correctly, I've cleared my cookies etc but I cannot preview anything from prismic.

Any ideas why its not working or what I may have missed?


Hello @d.sutherland86, welcome to the community.

  • Are you getting any error logs that you can share?
  • Which page are you trying to preview?
  • Does your repeatable page Custom Type have a UID field to generate the URLs?

Hello Pau. I think I am having some similar problems using Prismic.
I can't preview.
I set up the prismic toolbar in my code correctly. I added the previews in my repo. A local preview pointing to localhost:3000.
But nothing is working. When I click the preview, I get taken to the correct URL but I don't see the changes.

Hey @chaderenyore480, do you see any error logs on the project or in the browser?

No I don't see errors

How did you set up your route resolver?
Have you followed this guide?