Page not found error while using Prismic Preview

I am new to the Prismic space having just inherited a Gatsby repo using Prismic and Netlify. I am having an issue when trying to use Preview for unpublished docs. I receive an error stating the route is not found when trying to Preview the page from the Prismic dash and I receive a page not found error when I try to access it locally through the Prismic Preview menu. I have been unsuccessful in finding a solution. The project is configured with the gatsby-source-prismic-graphql plugin. I've seen a lot of documentation stating not to use this plugin anymore but this is a fully functioning site already in production and swapping plugins is a huge undertaking. The client needs previews to work now. Is there anyone that can help to get previews working with the current plugin even if only a temporary fix?

Hello Madeline,

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We don't recommend to use the "gatsby-source-prismic-graphql" plugin. With this plugin, "Previews" won't work. I highly recommend you to use our new plugin and migrate your project to the new plugin. Here is a guide that describes everything you need to do:

I understand that it will be cumbersome for you.

Let me know if you have any other questions related to it.


Thank you for responding Priyanka. We were told to try integrating Gatsby Cloud to get Previews to work but it wasn't specified whether we should try doing so with the old plug-in or the new plug-in. Do you know if implementing Gatsby Cloud allows Previews to work with the old plugin? We're just trying to find a solution that will work, even if temporary, to allow our client to see unpublished content.

Hello Madeline,

To get previews to work with gatsby cloud, you need to migrate your project with the new plugin. It integrates correctly with the new plugin, not with the old plugin.

I hope it gives your answer.



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