PDF auto download

According to Imgix documentation, it should be possible to force download a PDF (when clicking a link that points to a PDF in the Media Library). However when adding ?dl=name.pdf nothing happens, it just opens in a new tab without being downloaded automatically. Is this a feature that is disabled for Prismic? Or a bug from Imgix? Any way to enable this?

Hey @MichaelVestergaard, I think what you're looking for is the download attribute of the HTML tag.

If you wish to download the files directly from your Media Library you can also configure your Chrome settings: https://www.addictivetips.com/web/automatically-download-pdfs-in-chrome/

Thanks, but no. The download attribute requires same domain which isn't an option with the cdn. And asking all visitors to change their browser settings is not a good idea for this :slight_smile:
I just saw that Imgix wrote that this was possible, so I was wondering why it doesn't work. You can see the documentation link above.

Yes, asking users isn't a good idea. I mentioned it as an alternative for your own browser settings.
There's no option to do this automatically from Prismic