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Hi, so we're about to launch our Prismic setup after working on it for 2 - 3 months and everything looks like except the initial server response time which is reducing our overall performance.

We make 2 queries: First for the layout (common header & footer) and the second for the document/slices.

If I remove the first query and work with a single query, it takes around 500 - 700ms which is again not too performant.

Do you guys hear similar cases and is there anything we can do?

@thesrs02 I'm not part of the Prismic team, but what framework are you using?

I'm using Node js with Handlebars.

@Pau , @Phil , Support Team, any suggestions on this?

Are you using the .cdn endpoint?

Do you mean Prismic's .cdn endpoint? Yes

Can you tell us the URL of your repo so we can check on our side?

Here it is

OK, so when I tested in Postman on the endpoint without the CDN ( I received the time your described (700ms):

But when I tested on the CDN endpoint ( I received a much lower time of 39ms:

So this makes me think that you still aren't querying the CDN endpoint in your project. Can you check again?

@Phil - you're right, I thought I was using the CDN version but wasn't. Thanks a lot for all the help and for helping me figure out my mistake.

Now with the CDN version, I'm getting half of that time (sometimes it 800ms) but most of the time is half. Is there anything else we can do to get this to under 200, 250?

I'm making 2 queries on the homepage one of them being a graph query, I'm getting around 600ms.

Can you send me your full query so I can test?

Never mind, when I tested the query myself, I got 40 ms for the product page which is pretty fast. I think there's something wrong with my server setup on Gcloud.

I'll check that. Thanks for your help.