[Potential Bug] [GraphQL] [Backward Incompatible Change] Unknown argument 'where' on field '_allDocuments'?

Hi Prismic Team,

I'm encountering an issue right now with the following error message.

Unknown argument 'where' on field '_allDocuments'

My gql query is

query getAllDocument(
    $afterDate: DateTime
    $beforeDate: DateTime
    $after: String
    $before: String
    $lang: String
) {
    documents: _allDocuments(
        lastPublicationDate_after: $afterDate
        lastPublicationDate_before: $beforeDate
        before: $before
        after: $after
        sortBy: meta_lastPublicationDate_ASC
        lang: $lang
        where:{... // something here}
    ) {
     // .... some fields 

This query works from early this year until 2021/10/10.

It seems like the where field is removed from _allDocuments recently?

Is this intentional? If so, how should I query with conditions?


Hello @minghao

Welcome back to Prismic Community and thanks for reaching out to us.

I need more information, like:

  1. Are you trying to retrieve a linked document from a Link or Content relationship field?
  2. Could you send me the exact graphql query?
  3. Could you send me the Prismic repo URL? (You can send me a private message though)

I am looking forward to hearing back from you.


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