Preview changes soon not working anymore

The docu on how to implement the Preview mentions that the following line needs to be added to _documents.

import { apiEndpoint } from "./../sm.json"; // import the endpoint name
const prismicRepoName = /([a-zA-Z0-9-]+)?(\.cdn)?\.prismic\.io/.exec(apiEndpoint)[1] //Regex to get repo ID

NextJS however raises a warning: Should not import the named export 'apiEndpoint' (imported as 'apiEndpoint') from default-exporting module (only default export is available soon)

Obviously i could hardcode the repo name, but ideally i would like to keep this logic but make it future proof. a) Does anyone have already a solution
b) Can Prismic pick this up and update the docu with a future proof solution


Looks like i found already a solution. The docu i was referring to is this

Another docu uses a different approach that seems to solve the warning:
import { repoName } from 'prismic-configuration'

@peter2 Thanks for this feedback. We're currently working on updating the Next.js docs. We will take a closer look at the Preview page and make sure that things are more clear there.

Let us know if you need help with anything else at any point :slight_smile: