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Hi! i’m trying to implement preview feature of unpublished documents. But it’s not working. I’ve downloaded the blog example from, then set up preview url to localhost:3001, started dev mode at localhost:3001. As s result i see blue bubble in the bottom of the screen with changed document data, but this unpublished data is not rendered. I see only published changes

Hey Sergey,

Welcome to the community!

We are aware of a previews issue with our Next.js sample and our working to resolve this.

We’ll update you here once we have a resolution.


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Thanks, Phil! )

Is it an only sample issue or it’s global nextjs issue? can i somehow try this functionality using nextjs stack?

I’m not sure at the moment it might be related to the Next kit.

Hi @sergey.drobot,

I think I might know what the issue is here. I think our team changed the folder structure in this example. So when create the link resolver path in your repo can you try it with /api/preview like below?


Hi, Phil. Just tried it, but i’ve got 404 error when try to watch preview.

I tricked you, sorry )) it works! 404 was my mistake. Thanks, Phil!

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